Voice Mail Platform

Voice Mail Platform is a hardware & software voice mail solution specifically engineered to offer their customers a reliable, easy-to-use and easy-to-operate voice mail solution that at the same time provides the converged communications functionality that advanced users require. Easy integration to either TDM or VoIP networks, this solution is suitable for Landline and Mobile Operators. Customized through configuration parameters. Based on open standards provides also a low cost of acquisition, ownership and expansion.

Key Features:

  • Audio Message recording.
  • Multiple Recovery method (IVR, Web or Mobile Web)
  • Regulatory Message (configurable)
  • Missed Call Alert (SMS) to notify destination user (in case no voice message)
  • Notify Me message (SMS) to notify origination user that destination is available (only on-net)
  • Multiple Recovery method (IVR, Web or Mobile Web)
  • Multiple Notification method (SMS, MWI, Email, GCM for Android phones)
  • CRM interface and Reporting engine.

Voice Mail Application for Smartphone offering a visual voice mail environment, matching telephone numbers with Contact List for ease of use. Recovering only selected message w/o the need of listening all messages.

Key Features:

  • Visual Voice Mail letting users to listen only selected messages
  • No need to generate a voice call to recover messages
  • Matching recording messages with Contact List
  • Missed Call Alerts and Notify Me screens to list missed calls.