Internet Calls

Internet Calls Platform is a hardware & software solution that let route calls using Internet as backbone. This platform is ideal for 4G-only Operators providing VoLTE for voice calls. It is especially suited to offer Operator's promotions. Easy integration to VoIP networks. No need both ends to have an application (like other solutions).

Key Features:

  • Any type of call (domestic, long distance, international) at the cost of a local call
  • Free calls between users having ICP App.
  • No need of credit card to pay.
  • No need destination user to install an ICP App.(like some competitors.
  • Destination user receive Caller ID from origin.
  • CRM interface and Reporting engine.

Internet Calls Application for Smartphone offering a comprehensive user interface to make calls.

Key Features:

  • ICP Dialer
  • Matching calls with Contact List
  • Clients for Smartphones, Tablets & PCs,
  • Matching recording messages with Contact List
  • Notification messages