Missed Call Alerts

Missed Call Alert & Notify Me is a hardware & software solution specifically engineered to support diverse monitoring methodologies for the detection of missed call events. SS7 link monitoring, ISUP loopback, Intelligent Network and quasi real-time CDR processing are some of the possible techniques used on the implementation of this service.

Enhanced alerting message configuration capabilities provide great flexibility on how missed call events are notified to the service subscriber, such as programmable text and bundled notifications (single message for several missed call events).

Notify Me alerting services provides advanced optional features. Once a missed call has been detected, where the calling party is also a network subscriber, this feature provides the means for alerting the calling party, through an SMS message, when the called party became available for receiving calls.

In addition to Notify Me, through the Ring Again call completion optional feature, when a missed call event takes place, the calling party can instruct to the system to automatically establish a call between both parties whenever the called party becomes available for receiving calls.

Key Features:

  • Reduce the amount of missing calls.
  • Provide a better service to users
  • Increase voice revenues to Operators